A Cost-Effective Way to Maintain Oral Health

A clean, healthy mouth begins with smart habits. Regular brushing and flossing keeps the plaque, tartar, and cavities away. In order to keep your teeth and gums healthy, however, it is important to incorporate regular checkups with an experienced dentist. Your dentist in Columbus, Ohio, can make it easier, and more affordable, to attain bright and radiant smiles. The key to proper oral care is signing up for an annual dental membership plan.

Routine checkups with an experienced dentist in Clintonville go a long way in helping you attain optimal health. They provide a measured and normal means to learn how your teeth are doing. A checkup allows you to gain perspective on your oral health. The dentist checks on your teeth for cavities, signs of gum disease, and also warning signs of other diseases, such as oral cancers.

By remaining informed about your health, you are empowered to make smarter decisions for your care–and even learn better habits. Establishing a working relationship with your dentist is always a good idea. Through personalized meetings, you can discuss your health concerns, and can even ask for pointed advice on how to adopt better brushing, flossing, and dietary practices. Remember, a dental practice is your resource for attaining–and keeping–optimal health. When you work together to achieve that goal, you are well on your way to upholding lifelong wellness.

The Annual Membership is a Smart Investment
Since your permanent teeth are yours for life, it makes sense to enact measures that ensure their radiance and integrity. Routine checkups provide a way to be informed of conditions or issues that may not be readily discernible from a glance through the mirror. Complications from conditions such as periodontal disease, for instance, are not known until the damage has long been done. Your dentist in Columbus OH, facilitates a simple and cost-effective solution to monitoring oral health–an annual membership plan.

How would a membership plan through your local dentist office help you? First, it is an agreement between you and the office for guaranteed oral care. Some insurers may pay for checkups, but not cleanings or x-rays. Establishing a service agreement through the office ensures you get precisely what you pay for.

Second, pricing is flexible for different lifestyles. If your employer’s insurance does not have a dental plan, for instance, you are missing out on a vital component to your care. Having a plan through your local dentist enables you to maintain control over your wellness. For $199.00, your annual membership includes:

Routine Exams: The dentist monitors your oral health and can make informed recommendations.

Two Teeth Cleanings: Professional cleanings keep plaque and tooth decay at bay.

X-rays Included: These pictures provide a clear picture of your progress, as well as highlight possible areas of concern.

20% Off Additional Dental Services: If you need a filling or deep cleaning, an in-office discount makes it easier to make a decision.

Save money while also simplifying your oral care routine. The annual membership plan is a great start to staying on the path to good health and wellness. These services may also incorporate sedation dentistry for a stress-free experience. Sedation, taken through oral medication or IV, allows patients to relax throughout the course of a procedure. As a result, you are able to receive care with reduced anxiety. As always, your dentist can recommend the appropriate options so your visit is entirely personalized.

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