4 Common Things You Can to Protect Your White Smile

Most Americans care about their smile and view it as very important to their dating and career lives. Dentists in Columbus have the following tips that you can do to keep your smile looking great.

New Toothbrush

Start with a new toothbrush. It is a simple thing we all should be in the habit of doing, but how many of do it as often as we should? When you start to see most of your bristles show their age and over use, it is time to say goodbye and get yourself a new fresh one. The typical life span of a decent toothbrush should be about three months, but depending on how you brush, your results may vary.

Brush Your Tongue

Your tongue needs attention, too! Your bright white teeth will be better able to stay that way if you add brushing your tongue in your oral hygiene regimen. Not only will this prevent staining of the teeth but will also get your breath fresh.

Bacteria can accumulate on your tongue, which leads the teeth to become discolored. Get a softer tooth brush and use long strokes from the back of the mouth. Take care to rinse your bush between each stroke to keep yourself from redepositing the very bacteria you are trying to get rid of.

Rinse Your Mouth

Try apple cider vinegar. Take two parts water to one of the apple cider vinegar and swish that around. You can get more effective whitening treatments but this is a natural and organic way to clean and freshen your mouth. You need to swish for about one minute to get the maximum value for your mouth.

If you like to indulge in citrus fruits, rinse with water after, as the acidity can wear on your enamel. Also, if you enjoy blueberries, red wine and coffee (or a whole host of tooth staining foods and drinks, brush your teeth right afterwards.

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