Sedation Dentistry in Columbus OH

How to Feel at Ease during Your Next Dental Appointment

There’s no way around it: going to the dentist can be a pretty scary experience. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Thanks to advancements in dental treatment and oral care, completing difficult procedures has become a virtually pain-free experience. Learn how opting for sedation dentistry in Columbus, Ohio, can help you get a healthy smile–all without the worry about discomfort and pain.

Sedation dentistry is a component of dental care in which the patient is put under “light sedation” during the course of treatment. For many patients, being sedated puts them in a trance-like state, ensuring they remain relaxed and without stress during virtually any procedure. Light sedation is performed using an oral medication or IV. Either way, the effects are the same. The state of sedation for the patient promotes an anxiety-free feeling that enables patients to receive the best care they can with the least amount of uneasiness.

Sedation dentistry is not to be confused with “general anesthesia,” which involves being unconscious. General anesthesia requires the use of potent drugs and the presence of a licensed specialist to monitor your vital signs. In addition, “going under” requires the use of a device to assist in breathing. Under light sedation, the patient can expect to feel completely relaxed, while also retaining consciousness. Depending on the level of the sedation procedure, patients may even be able to drive themselves home after the treatment.

What procedures qualify for sedation services?

The great aspect of light sedation is that it is available for any other dental procedure offered by the office. From preventative, routine care to restorative dental procedures, you are welcome to request light sedation with every visit. An emergency dentist can also provide these services as a way to alleviate stress during time-intensive procedures. Prior to your next appointment, you may speak with the dentist to consider your sedation options.

Sedation is an appealing option, because it can also qualify to be covered under a patient’s insurance policy. It pays to speak with a coverage provider to learn if a particular dental plan pays for this component of care. With an experienced dentist using sedation during a necessary procedure, the patient can stop worrying about going to the dentist office. With light sedation, patients who need to improve their oral care—now and into the future—can finally relax.

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